Our services include:
• High Quality Audio Cd & DVD manufacture from 1000 to 1,000,000
• Cutting Edge Artwork by renowned graphics house Creative Hero
• Packaging options inc: Card Wallets • Jewel Cases • Digipaks
• Attended CD Mastering / Manufacturing Deals

About CD & DVD Manufacturing

Astar Studios is one of the larger manufacturers of Audio CDs and DVDs in the UK and clients include a number of major music brands and magazines. Our bulk purchasing power guarantees 'Shop Standard' product quality at highly COMPETITIVE PRICES.

When you've worked hard to make a great record, it's important to present it professionally. A well designed and packaged CD always stands out from the crowd and will get you noticed.

Physical CDs still represent a large proportion of the market and remain the best product footprint and promotional merchandise tool for independent labels and new artists. Physical CDs present a hugely profitable return on sales, remain the most popular and lucrative buy at gigs and the simplest format to administer royalty collections for.

Putting together a CD or DVD for manufacture is a comprehensive process, from protecting copyright to obtaining licenses, ISRC codes, Barcodes and coordinating audio, video and artwork manufacture. At Astar we offer a personal service to help guide you through the entire process.